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Choosing Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

By : on : June 14, 2019 comments : (0)

There are lots of fun situations in life that can turn into a pain in the neck literally. Whether you’ve recently experienced a sudden bout of neck pain, or have had steadily increasing pain for weeks, months, or even years, chiropractic treatment can help.

Many people who come to chiropractors to treat their neck pain have tried other treatments, with little or no success. The first place many people go is to a massage therapist. The goal of massage treatment is to release stiffness and promote relaxation of the muscles. A chiropractor’s ultimate goal is to ensure the healthy functioning of the neck, spine, and head through personalized adjustments, which correct alignment. If you’ve been experiencing neck pain that doesn’t respond to massage or physical therapy, a trained Phoenix chiropractor can help.

Common Treatments for Neck Pain 

Many people assume that all neck pain is muscular, but in order for muscles to move the way they should, our bones and nerves need to be in good working order. Many people initially seek out massage therapy without knowing the root cause of their neck pain, which can lead to the massage treatment being ineffective at best, and damage-inducing at worst. Some people choose to see a physical therapist first, but they may not be able to help without the diagnosis that a qualified chiropractor can provide.

How is a Chiropractor Different? 

A chiropractor, especially a qualified chiropractor in a Phoenix chiropractic clinic, will analyze your symptoms through orthopedic and neurological physical examinations, which will allow them to diagnose the root cause of your pain. Then, they’ll address your pain through adjustments to your spine and neck. An upper cervical chiropractor trained in the Blair Technique is particularly adept at dealing with neck pain. Assisted by precise x-rays, your chiropractor will be able to perform neck adjustments that target problem areas and correct misalignment.

Can a Chiropractor Help Me?

If you’re experiencing neck pain, a chiropractor can provide an accurate and detailed diagnosis, which will help him or her craft a holistic treatment plan. The end goal is to alleviate pain in the neck, return your range of motion, and eliminate any symptoms that have been caused by the neck pain, like jaw pain, headaches, or tingling and numbness. This care typically involves special attention being paid to the upper cervical vertebrae, and customized adjustments based on your own unique anatomy. These adjustments can be done as often as two or three times a week, with a gradual decrease in visits as symptoms and pain improve. Your unique treatment plan will depend on your diagnosis.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Arizona Treats Neck Pain 

If you’re suffering from neck pain and are looking for a qualified chiropractor that can help, start by searching for an office near you with practitioners who specialize in upper cervical chiropractic care. Dr. Anthony Montoya is a trusted Phoenix chiropractor who serves the local area, and his masterful application of the Blair Technique has helped many people improve their neck pain. Some see major improvement after just one session.

Contact Dr. Montoya today to schedule a consultation. Then, you can put your pain in the past.



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