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Dr. Anthony Montoya

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Sonja LaFrance

Dr Tony makes me feel important, not just another number . He makes sure my adjustments are taking and spends the time needed for my treatments. He really cares about each patient getting better . I feel safe in his care . He is a very …More


Carl Chapman
Dr. Anthony Montoya is a Phoenix Chiropractor at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Arizona, offering 3-d x-ray views of the spine not attainable in regular films, MRI or CT studies and which provide critical information on spinal alignment to …More


Sonja LaFrance

Excellent care..headaches gone, neck is not pinched anymore. I have had 4 treatments thus far and it has been amazing. I am also very grateful to Dr. Tony who has helped my daughter with her scoliosis in alleviating her pain as well..and Nick is such a sweet and gentle spirit to come into. Thank you.


Donnie Atkinson

I moved to Phoenix from Seattle where I had been previously receiving upper cervical chiropractic care for roughly a year due to pain in my lower back. My initial care in Seattle was spectacular so I was pleasantly surprised to find that …More


Monica H

Wonderful care, great attitudes and fantastic service! When my husband and I first visited I could not turn my head and my husband had severe pain. I had been through muscle relaxants, physical therapy, muscle strengthening and more to no …More


Deonna Hollrah

Dr Montoya has gone the extra mile being highly proficient in the Blair Technique of Chiropractic. The adjustment appears quick and easy but it is performed with great skill. …More


Randi Sher

Dr. Tony was the first person to actually help my neck issues after 9 months of visiting 3 or 4 different doctors and clinics. Dr. Tony is caring and personable. His office is well organized. In the 2 months I have been going to Dr. Tony, …More


Kris Kile

The personal attention from Dr Tony is exceptional. Over the course of the last several years he has helped me improve my performance, reduce pain and increase flexibility. I appreciate his work and work recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr Tony.


Sara Yerby

I have Degenerative Disc Disease. Before seeing Dr Tony, I was going to a regular chiropractor who was using a torquing adjustment on my neck. After receiving multiple adjustments, I ended up with a couple bulging, herniated discs and …More


Joday McNeal

I had severe lower back pain, along with knee/leg pains that had me in pain every second of the day. Dr. Tony’s method and practice, along with my full participation in the process (regardless at one point I was going to quit) got me to the …More


Laura Carapellese

Dr. Tony has helped keep me going for years. I love the fact that I can drop in any time I’m in pain and he will make time for me. The Blair method is absolutely the best for older folks – none of the popping and twisting of other forms of chiropractic. I recommend Dr. Tony highly.


Betty Frost

Dr Tony is kind, compassionate, empathetic, fun, very knowledgeable, and gentle. Nick, in the front office, is warm, fun, smart and friendly. Together both Nick and Dr Tony make a great team who treat you like family.


Stephanie Figgins

Life-changing! I was dealing with severe upper/lower back pain, several headaches a week, and knee/joint pain. Before discovering Upper Cervical, I had been going to a different chiropractor for years, but I would only get temporary relief …More


Christina LaFrance

To say Dr. Tony is a master of his craft is an understatement. Less than 2 weeks ago I could barely walk. My back had totally given out and to get up and walk was beyond torture and when I did walk I literally looked like a question mark. I …More


A McAfee

I have been going to see Dr Tony for many years. Unlike any other chiropractor, he has shown me x-ray evidence on my own spine that over time his treatment is improving my spinal alignment.


Scott Terrill

My story begins 6 years ago as an invincible 22 year old living my dream life in my beloved La Jolla, California. One fateful day I hit the side of my head surfing and definitely had a concussion, but had no idea what I had done to my neck …More


Tess Hilliard

I’m a little over two months into my six month care plan with Dr. Tony. I suffered a bad concussion in college while playing rugby and have been having neck/upper back issues since having an unrelated shoulder surgery. Dr. Tony does a good …More



I highly recommend Dr. Montoya. I came to him with pain and numbness in my legs that had plagued me for over two years. After a few adjustments on my neck, my symptoms are greatly improved. He is very kind, efficient, and competent.

Steven Neale

I have been going to Dr Tony for almost 13 years. It was one of those chance meetings at the Maricopa home show. His technique has always worked wonders on me and my occasional sciatica issues. Working with Dr Tony you learn to know what …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Steven, thank you so much for your review! Was it chance? Was it luck? Or was it just meant to be that our paths would cross? However it came to be, it means a great deal to me to know over the years I have been able to help you. Keep listening to your body! And thanks again for the review!


Chris Hamer

He cured my 16 year old daughters migraines. She had been having migraines for the past 3 years, then every day for the past 3 months. We went to the ER 2 times, Phoenix children’s 2 times and nothing just several false reads. Thru research …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Chris, this is exactly the type of story that makes our work at Upper Cervical Chiropractic all worth it. Of course, it helps that you love your family and want the best for them. It shows in your commitment to following your program and …More

Dean Jutilla

Dr. Tony is an upper cervical superhero!
He’s been the one and only practitioner who’s been able to help my wife. She’s been suffering for over 5 years from vertigo, Meniere’s disease, dizziness, and …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Dean, Meniere’s disease is horrible. Most don’t know the effect it can have on not just the individual but their whole family. We have had a number of success stories with Meniere’s patients, and we are proud to count you among them. …More

Kyle Robbins, DC

Great place to go when your in pain or just for wellness care. Dr. Tony is a superb doctor.
I always feel better when I leave. Quite often my adjustment holds for 5+ …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Kyle, straight and to the point. Perfectly brilliant, thanks for all the kind words. As always, we appreciate your support!

Misa Stroker

I have had temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) for years which is managed with an orthotic appliance. I recently started suffering from debilitating cervicogenic vertigo and more frequent migraine headaches. The Blair technique performed by …More


Dr. Tony has been my chiropractor since I moved to Phoenix in 2010. He is the only chiropractor that won’t twist my neck to adjust it. That is because he uses the Blair method. I have used chiropractic services since I was young and now …More
Response from Dr. Montoya –

Nancy! Thanks for your approval. We love your review. YOU’RE THE BEST!

Patrick Murray

I have lived with chronic pain for almost 15 years. My body movement had become severely restricted and I had just about given up and was resigned to a life of constant pain. A little less than three months ago I had the great fortune to …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Patrick, thank you for your kind words. It’s always hard to hear when a patient has been suffering for years. Thank goodness you didn’t give up! There is life without pain, and you deserve it. Thanks again for the review. Cheers!

Kimberly Kerr

Dr. Tony has taken our family in for treatment after I spent a lot of time looking for someone who knew the challenges of my Cervical fusion and the type of pain I was in. I’ve spent ten years dealing with pain and finding ways to live with …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Kim, your time searching paid off! We are so happy you found us. Thank you for choosing us to help you get back to your active lifestyle. And thank you for being AWESOME patients. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your family. Keep up the good work!

Amy Hudelson

3 years ago I was having terrible jaw and neck pain with headaches. My bite was off when I chewed also. I went to another chiropractor with no relief. After hearing about the difference in methods I went to see him. Not only did it take …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Amy, you have been an ideal patient and we love your enthusiasm! Thank you so much for sharing your story and spreading the word. Not only have you changed your own life and happiness but also that of the many others you have referred. Can’t thank you enough. Keep sharing your story. You are a rock star!!

Marci Mares

I AM forever GRATEFUL for discovering Dr. Tony.
Been seeing him since May ’19 & feeling a dramatic improvement w/ my overall …More


Response from Dr. Montoya –

Marci, we are forever grateful for your testimonial! It’s a pleasure having you as a patient, your bright smile always livens up our office! We are proud to be the only chiropractor you would ever recommend. Take care!

N Brigulio

Had an awesome experience. Changed my life, I feel great!


Steve Ciucci

Dr. Tony is the best! Expert and compassionate care that gets results. You can’t get your cervical spine to stay aligned if the upper cervical is not aligned.

Levi Delapiedra

Results are seen very quickly and the doctor truly cares about each and every patients health


Nicole Darling

Dr Tony is awesome! Instant relief for me when I need it.

Leslie A.

I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in January 2019 by my ENT. If anyone has this, I am so sorry for what you are going through and applaud you for finding alternatives for this horrible disease. I have a friend who has struggled with …More


Susan R
I had daily headaches and facial pain that was severely affecting my life. I had seen chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists with little help. My sister-in-law who is a chiropractor urged me to find a Blair upper cervical Dr for …More


Bridgette Gavagan

I’ve been exclusively seeing Dr Tony for almost 2 years now. Dr Tony was referred to me by a friend after I had been to multiple chiropractors with no success. He x-rayed me, found the source of my pain, gave me a clear understanding for …More


Jeanette Reifers

Until I met Dr Tony I was never pain free. On my first visit he found my problem. He is truly the only person I would ever trust to treat me. He has a real gift and he never hurts you and you leave feeling like you are walking on air . Thank you Dr. Tony your the best! Try the best and you won’t need to go elsewhere!


Tina Gore

very professional provider and front desk. took great care of me after accident neck injury , I was supposed to get surgery but the manipulations have done wonder for me and it seems that I may be able to avoid surgery. I owe it all to a great team Thank You!!!!!


Debbie Enwright

Dr. Tony has been treating me for neck issues for 2+ years. I have had neck issues due to many years of working at a computer. He is the first chiropractor who has successfully treated my neck and relieved the knot in my shoulder and the …More


Andrew Encisco
I have been a patient of Dr. Tony’s since 2012 and am forever grateful for his knowledge and expertise. I feel that Dr. Tony truly cares about my well-being, and he has been a tremendous help with managing my chronic pain. He is …More


Lisa Kass

I have been going to Dr. Tony for several years. I was unable to stand upright due to a lower back injury many years ago. A colleague recommended Dr. Tony. I was hesitant at first since I used to do insurance defense litigation work and …More


Joe Griffin

When looking for a Phoenix Chiropractor recently, Dr. Montoya was recommended to me. I found him to be professional, friendly, on time, and very educated in his profession. Very effective treatment. I highly recommend him.


Nick Johnson

Only chiropractor I trust. 8 months ago my life was forever changed, slipped disc at the age of 30. Couldn’t walk, life was miserable. After a few months with doctor Tony I had increased strength, range of motion, overall better quality of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart doctor Tony!


Cathy Nam Kamal

I’ve been seeing Dr. Tony for at least 7 years – chiropractic adjustments have always been a regular part of my self-care/maintain good health program. For several years prior I had heard about the “atlas adjustment” and how it helped out …More


Melissa Savage

After moving to Arizona, I came to see Dr. Tony in order to get help with controlling my migraines and neck pain due to a major car accident that I had been in several years before. …More


Kara Rodriguez

My experience was great! They were able to isolate the root cause of my lower back pain that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and completely relieve it in just a few visits.

Katrina Milam

Dr Tony is great. I had some neck problems that he resolved painlessly. He is flexible with scheduling, professional,friendly and remembers everyone who comes in. He’s willing to answer any questions as in depth as you would like him to. …More
Response from Dr. Montoya –

Katrina, thank you for sharing a little bit about your experience here at Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Arizona. Every success story is special. I enjoyed answering your questions and spending time with you on your visits. You say you didn’t compare prices but… can you really put a price on feeling good? Take care!

Teri Contreras

Dr, Tony is an amazing person. When I started seeing him just over a year ago, I had no idea I would be finishing a 5K walk.
I would like to go back to just over a year ago. I could barely walk without …More

Lauren Clepper

Highly recommend Dr. Tony!!! I have been going to see him for 5+ years, and since I have moved out of the state, I continue to visit him each time I am back in Arizona. He is able to take away my headaches and neck pain after just one …More
Response from Dr. Montoya –

Hi Lauren! Thanks for your beautiful testimonial! We miss you since you moved, but thankful for the time we had. Great to hear how we helped with your headaches and pain. And the bonus, we got to help your sister, aunt, and grandma. What a joy to see you and your loved ones getting healthy and happy. Take care!

Terry Snyder

I happened to discover Dr. Montoya at a Home & Garden Show, of all places. Having been suffering from headaches for a couple of years I thought I had nothing to lose. I was impressed with what I learned from him and decided to make a follow …More

DoubleTree Inspections

I would like to title this review “THIS KID’S GOT IT!”
This letter is to personally thank Dr Tony for basically saving my life. …More

Jean Switzer

Before finding Dr. Tony, I had been to 6 different chiropractors. None had helped with the pain. Now each time I see Dr. Tony I feel better. If you have a complicated problem, Dr. Tony can help.
Response from Dr. Montoya –

Jean, unfortunately your story is all too familiar. But thanks to your determination and desire to get well you didn’t give up on chiropractic care. Chiropractors have different experience and skills. The Blair technique I have perfected …More

Celi Back

There IS a such thing as preventative care for Pseudotumor Cerebri and this is it!!
My son has been seeing Dr. Tony for 5 years. He was diagnosed with PTC at 6. …More